Adventure Portfolios

The Trident


The Trident is our newest adventure place in Akwamufie, near Akosombo in Ghana’s Eastern region, and is nestled as an Island between the iconic Adomi Bridge and the Akosombo Hydroelectric Dam. The Trident represents a truly authentic adventure experience featuring mountain hikes, 100-ft abseils, day and night river cruises, paintballing, overnight camping, and kayaking adventures for everyone.

Adventures on the Trident begin with a 2km short but steep mountain hike to the Trident Peak. At 200m, the peak overlooks the Trident Island and its riverine causeways, as well as the ancient town of Akwamufie.

The adventure returns to the reception where a boat ride takes you to the 100-ft Vulcan Rock for the vertigo-inducing Abseil adventure. Adventurers return to shore for a Paintball battle, and from there to a 4km riverine Kayaking foray around our Island.

Call 020-454-8040 or 030-825-0019 to find out more, or click here to discover what packages we have available.

The Twin Islands


Located in the middle of the two mountain ranges that form the Akwamu Gorge, the Twin Islands are an adventurer’s paradise. The Islands host some of our overnight camping adventures that begin with a 5km hike from the Asikuma township through gently undulating hills to our reception on the Twin Island beach. A 3km Kayaking foray is our way of accessing Survival Island, the bigger of the Twins. We perform the mandatory capsize drills on the kayaking journey to Survival Island just to be sure kayakers know how to stay safe when the unexpected happens, and Lake Volta has some of the most unpredictable weather we know. Nights on Survival Island are calm and peaceful, broken only by the constant wash of the waves and the cries of dozens of birds.

Day 2 on the Twin Islands starts with a 9km kayaking expedition to a cove near the foot of one of the highlands, and a 12km hike across hilly and grassy terrain that cut along the length of this side of the gorge. Camp is set along the beach at the foot of the Anum forest until Day 3 when we assault the Anum plateau on the exit adventure.

The Vulcan


After you check in at the Bikers’ reception on the Twin Islands beach in Asikuma, you’ll first receive (in this particular order) a helmet, a mountain bike, a crash course in map reading and compass use, and a safety briefing. Next on the 3-hour biking itinerary is the ride through the Asikuma Hills and through rugged trails that remind all bikers that this was no holiday to begin with. The huffing and puffing ends quickly though when another kilometre going downhill takes the bite out of the challenge a little bit. Afterwards, it’s 10 kilometres of nearly flat but hard terrain to the village of Labolabo. Find out more about the Vulcan’s biking adventures here.

Overnight Expeditions


Imagine the intensity of carrying all your stuff in a 50-litre backpack and trekking the steep trails of the Avatime highlands, one of the highest points of human habitation in Ghana on an expedition to seek out clouds, views and waterfalls. That is what our overnight mountaineering adventures are all about. And this option is available throughout the week on any chosen three days, but one of the days must not be a Saturday.

You are invited to get your game face on, your adrenaline levels in top form, and your sense of adventure off the charts for this amazing expedition. On the second day, we will ascend the impregnable terrain of the highlands to the Village of Dzogbefeme. The hike ascends from a 460ft plain to a 1,925ft elevation in only three hours or less, and for thrice the trouble because you’ll have your food, water, tents and other adventure gear strapped onto your back. The mountain village of Dzogbefeme will host us for the night. Day 3 will have us engage another three-hour mountain assault to Amedzofe at 2500 feet.
The expeditions start in the evening of Day 1 and cost $500. The van or SUV sets off from Accra at 12:00PM on deployment day to the foot of the Avatime highlands through the Trident, where the team will set up camp, cook over open fire and share jungle stories by camp fires. Day 3 ends with a hike to Mt. Gemi and the Ote Waterfall. Call 020-454-8040 to book at least 72 hours in advance.
In order to survive this expedition, one needs to pack the following: A 50-litre backpack, pair of good hiking boots, outdoor walking sandals, a cap or hat, 3 water bottles, 3 sets of outdoor clothing, 1 sleeping bag or thick blanket, wash kit – small towel, sponge and soap, 1 bowl for meals, a can of insect repellent, a small box of matchsticks, personal snacks, rain coat, torchlight and spare batteries.
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