Women in the Outdoors Expedition

The Women in the Outdoors Adventure runs from Friday, March 29 until Easter, March 31, 2024. This women-only expedition involves hiking the 2km steep trail to the Akwamu Gorge Peak, Abseiling the 100-ft Vulcan Rock, returning to a Paintball battle on our Island, kayaking, expert outdoor class sessions, a boat cruise, and crowning it all off with a midnight bonfire to celebrate Ghana's leading women on our Island at 2,000-GHS/adult and 1,700-GHS/child.

Mt Kilimanjaro Expedition

This expedition to Africa’s 5,895m highest mountain runs from September 13 when the Expedition Team flies out of Accra, Ghana until September 22 when the team flies out of Tanzania. It costs $3,687. Deadline for registration is June 1, 2024.

Expedition Beyond Afadjato

This mountaineering expedition explores the highest peaks in the Togolese Highlands from June 28-30, 2024, including Afadjato, and costs 3,000-GHS. This expedition requires an appreciable level of fitness due to the steep ascents and tedious descents that characterize the Togolese highlands.

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