From 9.00 AM each Sunday, hundreds of Accra residents troop to our high-rise buildings in search of the ultimate urban adrenaline-pumping adventure – the Accra Abseil Challenge. Designed to bring to people in Accra the same levels of adrenaline rush and personal development challenge that characterizes our jungle expeditions across Ghana, the Accra Abseil Challenge is a weekly abseiling or rappelling adventure in which you get to step over the edge of Accra’s teeming high rises in ascending order.

You are invited to push yourself beyond your own mental limits and go vertical. The several hundred feet of sheer vertical space our abseil sites offer guarantees you awesome urban views. You will be rewarded with a thrilling experience of adrenaline and achievement at the several hundred feet controlled descent off the top of our imposing buildings.

All you need is a bunch of strong muscles (we assure you, you have them), a good sense of balance and the ability to control any waves of vertigo coming your way as you descend hundreds of feet down some of the tallest buildings in Ghana. Our Expedition Leader and his team of experts will be on hand to show you the ropes, so even if you're a complete abseiling beginner you'll be able to take part.

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