About Us

We are West- to Central Africa's leading Outdoor Leadership, Adventure Tourism and Experiential Learning Expeditions firm. We provide fun, active and exhilarating experiences for people from all walks of life on our jungle, mountain, white water and wilderness survival expeditions.

Our Adventure business involves one-day, three-days to one-week hiking, trekking, kayaking and mountaineering adventures in Ghana. Our modern-day Explorers sleep in canvas tents, eat camp-cooked food, hike on some of Ghana’s breath-taking land-forms, slush through knee-high rivers, hack their way through jungle thickets, scramble over dirt paths and engage waterfalls on experiential learning expeditions that give them so much more personal development achievement in return.

Our Explorers have discovered massive caves, reached the top of unknown peaks, trekked to the far reaches of the Ghanaian jungle and explored the vast expanse of the Volta Lake. We work in teams and we develop strong relationships and active processes which cultivate a culture of change and ability to adapt quickly.

Our Expedition Projects also contribute to providing economic, social and environmental incentives for local communities to halt the process of environmental degradation and prevent biodiversity loss. These include 3-and-a-half-week to 12-month long expedition projects in community, environmental and adventure phases.

We also offer specialized training services and courses to military and allied organizations, schools, medical and allied organizations as well as private entities looking for team building training and memorable outdoor experiences.