Meet Our Team

JayJay is an Expedition Master Guide, has outdoor adventure leadership experience covering a thousand expeditions, holds an MSc. in International Business, and is Founder of BraveHearts Expeditions.
Dziedzorm JayJay Segbefia
Chief Executive Officer
Sydney is a Certified and Chartered Accountant with a broad–based background in finance and business strategy. He has worked for international organisations such as the World Bank and the IFC; GIZ, DANIDA, The Aspen Group, PriceWaterhouse, and Deloitte & Touche. He chairs our company's Board of Directors.
Sydney Casely-Hayford
Board Chair
Nana Adjoa is the highest ranking female adventure operative, and holds the rank of Guide. Her experience includes business-to-business strategy, sales and business development.
Nana Adjoa Darko
Executive Vice Pres., Admin
Brian is a skilled outdoor educator and administrator with 45 years of experience in the field, primarily with university programmes, Outward Bound schools, corporate teams and international groups. His demonstrated commitment to excellence, diversity and empowerment on our Board is the reason our corporate adventures are such a success.
Brian F. Kunz
Board Member
Kwadwo Oduro has perfected the art and science of creating seamless expedition logistics experiences for our adventure operations. He is also a photographer and the one everyone likes to smile at.
Kwadwo Oduro
Executive Vice President, Ops
Mahelet has extensive project management and senior consulting experience in international and local business sectors. Her areas of work include programme design, management and evaluation, capacity development and the building of international business companies, local institutions, and CSOs. She drives our company's international outlook on our Board.
Mahelet Abraham
Board Member
Emmy is the Chief Executive's right-hand person, a Ranger by rank and the company's local community engagement strategist.
Emelia Asante Yeboah
Executive Assist.
Robert is an inspirational leader with over 18 years of business management experience at the highest levels in different sectors including Finance, Agriculture, Telecoms, Education and Manufacturing. He brings business strategy and customer care experience to his role on our Board.
Robert Yakohene
Board Member