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Adventure Date: Sep 21, 2020          Price: 400-GHS

This September 21, 2020 hiking and abseil adventure begins at the foot of the Manya Krobo hills. A 1.6km assault will get everyone’s heart pumping until we get to the highest peak on that side of the outcrops. We will have to shinny down the rockface in order to get to the 40m Katanga Rock. Our fearless modern-day Explorers will strap into climbing gear and equipment, abseil the face of the rock and discover the Greatness within them. The final onslaught will be an easy descent to the Akuse plains for the celebratory photos and bonding time.

A ticket costs GHC 400-GHS each and covers your transport, food, water, refreshments, guiding services and photography. Call or WhatsApp 054-842-4903 for more information.

In order to survive this adventure, you need:

  • A 10-litre backpack
  • A pair of good hiking shoes
  • A cap or hat
  • 2 water bottles
  • 1 set of outdoor clothing
  • A can of insect repellent

Mountaineering, Vacations, Weekend Tours
1,050-metres. That’s the highest we will go after we have climbed Afadjato and crossed the invisible border between Ghana’s eastern mountain ranges and the Togolese Republic. Nerves of steel, a high tolerance for uncertainty and adversity, and enduring stamina are required for this overnight assault of Afadjato, Ghana’s highest free-standing mountain at 885m.

A Togolese highlands invasion continues from the top of Afadjato across the invisible boundary into the western Plateau region of the Togolese Republic. By the time we arrive at Wli Todzi on the Ghanaian side of the highlands, we would have completed a tough 7-hour or more journey across the highest mountains in Ghana’s highland border with Togo.

Another 4 hours will mark the descent from Wli Todzi to the upper and lower trails of the Wli waterfalls area. A rain-gouged chimney is the butt-dragging trail down the steep range into the refreshing waters of the lower Wli falls. Splashing around in the falls and touching the wall behind the curtain is the phenomenon that makes the gruelling adventure worth it.

We will leave the Accra Mall on Friday, November 1 at 5PM and head out to the foot of the Afadjato Highlands and return before dark on Sunday, November 3.

Price: 599-GHS

In order to survive this adventure, you need:

  • A 20-litre backpack
  • A pair of good hiking boots
  • Outdoor walking sandals
  • A cap or hat
  • 3 water bottles
  • 3 sets of outdoor clothing
  • 1 sleeping bag or thick blanket
  • Wash kit – small towel, sponge and soap
  • 1 bowl for meals
  • A can of insect repellent
  • A box of matchsticks

This adventure is built for endurance and requires a basic level of physical fitness. Those mountains don’t play. Call 054-842-4903 for more information.