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Meet Our Team

JayJay holds the rank of Navigator, has outdoor adventure leadership experience covering 600 expeditions, is currently a postgrad candidate of International Business, and is Founder of BraveHearts Expeditions.
Dziedzorm 'JayJay' Segbefia
Expedition Leader & CEO
Nana Adjoa is the highest ranking female adventure operative, and holds the rank of Guide. Her experience includes business-to-business strategy, sales and business development.
Nana Adjoa Darko
Executive Vice President, Admin
Sampson holds an MPhil in Human Resource Management and is a seasoned researcher and team-builder.
Sampson Afrifa Jr
Executive Vice President, HR
Emmy is the Chief Executive's right-hand person, a Ranger by rank and the company's local community engagement strategist.
Emelia Asante Yeboah
Executive Assistant