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From Easter Friday, April 19 till Sunday, April 21, families will hike through the Anum forest, abseil off the Discovery Rock, kayak to, camp on, and live the life of modern-day Explorers on Survival Island in the gorge of Lake Volta on this first open kayaking expedition of the 2019 adventure season.

We will leave the Accra Mall at 07.00 on Easter Friday, drive 3 hours to the Anum township, pick up our maps and compasses and attempt to navigate like the old explorers used to do – without GPS and phones. The one-hour jungle hike should take successful family-teams to Discovery Rock, where everyone will abseil the 20m rock and kayak the total 7km expanse of Lake Volta to Survival Island. We’ll camp on the island in tents and hammocks and do our own cooking.

Saturday is a rest day. We will explore nature, picnic with local snacks, explore the smaller islands closer to Survival Island and have a lot of fun.

We’ll have yam chips and grilled tilapia on Sunday before we kayak 2km to survival beach for the return trip to Accra.

The adventure costs 599 Ghana Cedis for adults, and 299 Ghana Cedis for children less than 16. The fees cover for return transport, food, water, use of relevant outdoor gear and equipment, guiding services and photography. You are expected to present with the following personal kit: a 20-litre backpack, a pair of outdoor walking sandals, good hiking shoes, a cap or hat, 2 water bottles, 3 sets of outdoor clothing – including a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, one sleeping bag or thick blanket, wash kit – small towel, sponge and soap, toiletries, a plate or bowl for meals, a tube of insect repellent, and a book of matchsticks. It will almost certainly rain on the expedition so a raincoat is recommended. Remember to waterproof your backpack when packing, with a bin liner.

Call 020-454-8040 or whatsapp 054-842-4903 for further information.

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Are you a proficient or expert mountain bike rider? Do you have what it takes to bike through rugged terrain, survive the spectatorship of herds of antelope and zebra, and endure the cheering of many troops of baboons?

Or, do you have children, 4 years and above, that love adventure? Would you like to have them enjoy the thrill of abseiling among these wildlife?

Then join us if you please, every day except Saturdays, on a 21km biking and abseil adventure at the Shai Hills Resource Reserve. While you engage the challenging terrain, your little ones can climb up the Mogo Rock, strap into world-class equipment and abseil the 66-ft rockface into unapologetic greatness with our child-friendly Rangers.

An adventure ticket costs 399-GHS for adults and ¢200-GHS for children, and the fees and cover for return transport, food, water, non-alcoholic refreshments, park entry and usage fees, use of all biking and abseiling equipment, guiding services, and an amazing adventure.

Call 020-454-8040 for more information or book your adventure immediately.