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Here’s the scenario: You and your team will have a map and a compass, and will be directed to navigate your way through the rocky ravine of the Krobo Hills known to the locals as Klowem (pronounced klo-yom) to the highest outcrop on the plateau.

There will be two main difficulties: (1) Your team has to translate information correctly from the map to the ground and navigate with a compass, and (2) You will have to work as an efficient team and get to Hieowayo (the outcrop in question) together. Any team that gets to the top as an inefficient team will lose vital points.

Once teams arrive at Station Hieowayo, each team will have to strap into helmets, harnesses and safety gear, stand at the edge of the granite rock, lean back and abseil (rappel) the precipitous Hieowayo on ropes as thick as a man’s middle finger within the time allotted. Teams that do not get all their members to abseil in the time allotted will lose vital points as well.

The winning team will be the team that navigates correctly and works efficiently, while keeping themselves motivated to abseil within time.

What to Wear & Pack:

1. 1 Small Backpack (to carry your water, drinks and plastic waste)
2. T-shirt & pants or shorts (no skirts, and certainly no miniskirts)
3. Good outdoor walking shoes (tough enough to survive mean rocks)
4. A cap or hat 
5. Sunglasses & sun cream

Klowem adventures cost 399-GHS and covers return transport, food, water, non-alcoholic refreshments, park entry and usage fees, use of all abseiling equipment, guiding services, and an amazing adventure. 

Call 020-454-8040 for more information or book your adventure immediately.

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Are you a proficient or expert mountain bike rider? Do you have what it takes to bike through rugged terrain, survive the spectatorship of herds of antelope and zebra, and endure the cheering of many troops of baboons?

Or, do you have children, 4 years and above, that love adventure? Would you like to have them enjoy the thrill of abseiling among these wildlife?

Then join us if you please, every day except Saturdays, on a 21km biking and abseil adventure at the Shai Hills Resource Reserve. While you engage the challenging terrain, your little ones can climb up the Mogo Rock, strap into world-class equipment and abseil the 66-ft rockface into unapologetic greatness with our child-friendly Rangers.

An adventure ticket costs 399-GHS for adults and ¢200-GHS for children, and the fees and cover for return transport, food, water, non-alcoholic refreshments, park entry and usage fees, use of all biking and abseiling equipment, guiding services, and an amazing adventure.

Call 020-454-8040 for more information or book your adventure immediately.

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Picture this: You and your team have found yourselves in a forest with your backpacks containing outdoor living stuff. You also have a map and a compass. One of Africa’s leading outdoor experts comes over to give you a crash course in map reading and compass navigation. Afterwards you’re on your own. Will you and your team successfully take on the 3km hiking foray into the jungle of the Anum uplands?

When you do make it, it’s to a 20-metre cliff overlooking the world’s largest man-made Lake. West Africa’s leading adventure guides turn up to set up a system of ropes, harnesses and helmets. Your task as a team is to encourage each other to abseil the impregnable Discovery Rock into the boat waiting for you beneath. This is team work, mental resilience and leadership in one heart-stopping package. The rule is one: No one gets left behind. Will you still be a team?

Next we’ll take on the 7km stretch of waves and unpredictability from Discovery Rock to Survival Island in the gorge of Lake Volta, picnic and be refreshed on the island to a repertoire of culinary indulgences relaxing and bonding without a care for urban hustle. All this, in only one day or on an overnight adventure.

Overnight kayaking expeditions on Survival Island involve sleeping in tents or hammocks, cooking food near camp fires, bird-watching and tilapia grilling under a folklore, drumming and dancing night sky.

Ready for your first Island Team-Kayaking Expedition?

So are we.

Day-out kayaking adventures cost 499-GHS and overnight expeditions cost 599-GHS. Call 020-454-8040 for more information or book your adventure immediately.