Holidays, Kayaking, Tropical Islands

Adventure Date: Dec 25-28, 2020.               Price: 600-GHS

On Christmas Day, 2020 let’s engage Lake Volta on a three-day kayaking expedition that will both challenge you physically and mentally, and provide a relaxing recreational opportunity on Survival Island.

The adventure will begin with pick-up from the Accra Mall at 08.00 in the morning. The 150-minute drive will include a brief stop for breakfast at Afienya until we arrive at the Asikuma forest. Adventurers will make their own navigation decisions given maps and compasses until they find Survival Cove, and that is where our famous kayak capsize drill will happen. Successful completion of the drill is what grants an Adventurer the right to traverse the open water of Lake Volta.

After a successful drill, Adventurers in pairs will take on the 2km expanse of water to get to Survival Island. That is where we will set up tents and hammocks and prepare for the first night of the Poseidon XVIII Kayaking Expedition, the longest and the only series of adventure kayaking events in West Africa. The first night’s meal is yellow-fin tuna-flavoured Palava Sauce and boiled Yams. Weather conditions will determine what camp fire we build for the evening’s game night and poetry bar.

Saturday, December 26 and Sunday December 27 are days of rest and relaxation, and nature study. Survival Island hosts 60 species of birds and more than 12 major tree species, and adventurers will have to find, document and understand as many species as they can. There will be a brief visit to the Isle of Rocks where the Spear of Survival adventure TV series was shot.

December 28 starts with some fun activities on the 14 trails of the island and culminates in a breakfast of fried yam and charcoal-grilled tilapia. After breakfast, the adventure team will engage the 3.6km expanse of the Lake from Survival Island to the small village of Labolabo. That’s where the adventure will end, and the van will transport adventurers back to Accra.

This adventure is easy, and prior outdoor adventure experiences are not required. The 600-GHS fee covers transport, food, water, use of relevant outdoor gear and equipment, guiding services and photography.

What to Pack
: A 20-litre backpack, a pair of good hiking shoes, outdoor walking sandals, a cap or hat, 2 water bottles, 3 sets of outdoor clothing, 1 sleeping bag or cover cloth, Wash kit (small towel, sponge and soap), toiletries, 1 bowl for meals, a can of insect repellent, personal medication, personal snacks, sunglasses and a small box of matchsticks.

Call or WhatsApp +233-54-842-4903 for further enquiries.



Biking Adventures, Holidays
Adventure Dates: April 10 & 13                    Price: 400-GHS each day

The 2020 Shai Hills Easter Biking and Abseil Adventure Festival at the Shai Hills Reserve starts off this year on Good Friday, April 10. The 21km mountain biking adventure begins at 08.00 in the morning at the Shai Hills park. Participants who require transportation to the park need to call or whatsapp 054-842-4903 or 020-454-8040 in advance and be present at the Accra Mall at 06.00 to join the bus.

After the press launch of the festival, mountain bikers will take on the main course-way of the Reserve biking among zebra, baboons, antelopes and many more wild life. Folks who do not know how to bike will be transported to the imposing Elephant Rock for their abseil adventures, a cool descent of the 30-metre face of Elephant Rock. Bikers will also abseil the rock-face when they arrive at the Rock. There will be lots to eat, drink and make merry at the party zone in front of Elephant Rock.

Easter Friday’s adventure will end at 5PM but folks who complete their adventure in time will be transported back to Accra if they opted for the transport service. 

On Easter Monday, April 13, the Good Friday adventure cycle will be repeated, and adventurers who miss out on Good Friday can have their turn on Monday. Each day’s adventure costs 400-GHS for participants who opt for the full package, and 350-GHS for adventurers who turn up at the park.

The Shai Hills Easter Biking Adventure Festival is a collaborative adventure between the Forestry Commission of Ghana and BraveHearts Expeditions. Bikes, helmets and all relevant outdoor gear will be provided.

What to Pack: A small backpack, 2 water bottles, outdoor shirt and shorts, good walking shoes, a hat or cap, insect repellent, rain coat, personal snacks and an awesome sense of adventure 🙂