Survival Island

Ticked away in the deep recesses of the Akwamu-Anum Gorge is an island so pristine it can only be described in the legend of fairy tales. Survival Island is the centre of all our lacustrine kayaking expeditions. It hosts over one hundred species of birds, and is as untouched as a virgin island can be. Clients get to kayak on the lake and learn survival skills living in tribes on the island. Next to Survival Island is Discovery Island, and several other islands that invite exploration and adventure each weekend.

In addition to our existing kayaking and abseil adventure infrastructure, we are in the process of setting up the Survival Island Adventure Resort, which will host the following:

1. The world’s longest zip lines over the world’s largest man-made lake at a thrilling length of 4.2km and an installed capacity of 200 users a day.

2. A highly interactive high-action ropes challenge infrastructure to accommodate a minimum 300 users a day.

3. A fresh water climactic pool and tented or hammock camp for corporate retreats and overnight campers.

4. Canopy Walkways, over water

5. Bird watching outposts

6. Paint-balling infrastructure

Stay tuned for more!