O.R.C.A Project

Our Orphanage Rehabilitation, Care & Assistance (O.R.C.A) Project provides educational, infrastructural and training & mentorship support to orphanages near Accra, Ghana. Our International Adventurers who prefer to work with kids get hands-on experience teaching, training and counselling orphans and neglected children placed in these orphanages. You could also be helping construct dormitories, computer labs and classrooms, alongside local skilled people and host-country volunteers.

The ORCA Project is a two-phase special project. It assumes our regular three-phase project categories for everyone else staying beyond five weeks. Volunteers who opt for it remain predominantly in Accra, except on weekends when Adventurers are placed on the Adventure challenges in the mountains and on the lakes.

A bus leaves Field Base each morning with our Adventurers and returns them in the late afternoon.

For our Project Managers and Facilitators, as well as for our International Adventurer Volunteers, the following are the prices for our various categories of expeditions based on duration:


PM & F


Duration of Expedition



3-and-a-half weeks



5 weeks



7 weeks



10-and-a-half weeks



12 weeks



15 weeks



18 weeks



21 weeks



6 months



9 months



12 months



All prices guarantee both our Project Managers and International Adventurers the following benefits:

  1. Support before and when you are here
  2. Pick-up from the Airport
  3. Project House Accommodation
  4. Expedition and Project Training & Preparedness
  5. Accra City Tour (one event)
  6. Specialist/project equipment (food, water, clothes, books, etc. for orphanages)
  7. Transportation to and from Projects sites
  8. Accident Insurance on Projects
  9. Cape Coast & Elmina Castle Tour
  10. Ranger & Jungle Uniforms
  11. T-shirts and Expedition paraphernalia
  12. Reports & Certificates
  13. Filmed Expedition DVDs and Magazines
  14. Drop-off at the Airport
  15. Krokrobite Beach Trip (one event)
  16. Food and drinking water (for duration of stay)
  17. Emergency Medical Care

The price does not include visas, flights, immunizations and vaccinations, personal and medical insurance (except conditions developed from accidents, etc., as a result of our projects)

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