L.E.E.P Project

Our Leadership & Experiential Education for Professionals (L.E.E.P) Project is designed to introduce, sustain and develop an outdoor education and experiential learning culture among Ghanaian professionals in corporate institutions and institutions of higher learning. Our International Interns will work with the Corporate Relations Department of BraveHearts Expeditions and employ their business skills to pitching to, recruiting and providing on-and-off expedition support services to corporate clients and graduate business students.

The L.E.E.P Project is based primarily in Accra, capital city of Ghana. Interns will gain exposure to the inner workings of businesses across the country, and contribute to creating and shaping a culture and love for the great outdoors among Ghana’s business community.

From Field Base (our operational HQ) in Accra, our interns will develop specific plans to ensure the development and growth of our new Corporate Outdoor Leadership Expedition programme as a sustainable revenue source for our firm and for the development of our expedition locations. These plans will include Coordinating proper company resources to ensure efficient and stable corporate sales results, Formulating corporate expedition policies, practices and procedures, Assisting the Corporate Relations team in establishing and enhancing professional contact and rapport with top echelon decision-makers in Ghana’s business community, Collaborating with the Corporate Relations Manager to develop sales strategies to improve market share in all product lines and Setting up and managing corporate billing and effective accounting and procurement systems.

In addition, Interns will work with BraveHearts Expeditions instructors and facilitators on corporate backpacking, canoeing and rappelling events around the country, or assist the Expedition Leader in developing programmes and techniques for effective outdoor learning among business students.

Internship with BraveHearts Expeditions is free, but International Interns are expected to pay $400 each month they will be here with us in support of their accommodation, food, and water. The full benefits of the $400 monthly fee are as follows:

  1. Support before and when you are here
  2. Pick-up from the Airport
  3. Project/City House Accommodation
  4. Expedition and Project Training & Preparedness
  5. Accra City Tour (one event)
  6. Specialist/project equipment
  7. Transportation to and from Projects sites
  8. Accident Insurance on Projects
  9. Cape Coast & Elmina Castle Tour
  10. Ranger & Jungle Uniforms
  11. T-shirts and Expedition paraphernalia
  12. Reports & Certificates
  13. Filmed Expedition DVDs and Magazines
  14. Drop-off at the Airport
  15. Krokrobite Beach Trip (one event)
  16. Food and drinking water (for duration of stay)
  17. Emergency Medical Care

The fee does not include visas, flights, immunizations and vaccinations, and personal and medical insurance (except conditions developed from accidents, etc., as a result of our projects).

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Photo credits: Lars Blackmore