6 Reasons to Join Our Projects


1. Preparation Support:
With firsthand knowledge of Ghana, our experts can answer all of your questions and help you prepare. All participants on our expeditions receive comprehensive pre-arrival information to help with preparation. All information is accessible online from anywhere around the world and updated regularly; we provide vital details about your Project, Placement and/or Adventure including information about flights, insurance, visas, kit, currency, security, location, local culture and language.

If required, you’ll receive fundraising guidelines with ideas and information to help you get the funds together. A welcome brochure will give you suggestions on how to prepare expedition plans and outline basic principles involved. We provide pre-departure checklists to make sure you’re on-track.

2. Travel Safe and Peace of Mind: At BraveHearts Expeditions your security is our top priority and we’re justifiably proud of our clean safety record. All Projects, Placements and Adventures have to meet strict safety criteria and satisfy ongoing risk assessments. Our team is always on hand to deal with any eventualities and is trained in first aid and our Project Crisis Management procedures. All of our Projects, Placements and Adventures are located within reach of good medical facilities by Air force evacuation transport and our staff can be contacted 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year in case of emergencies.

3. Sustainable Development:
Everyone at BraveHearts Expeditions is committed to development and projects will forever be picked for the objective to assist communities with their development goals. BraveHearts Expeditions participants are development ambassadors seeking to gain knowledge through a unique experience whilst contributing to the development of communities with much less opportunity than themselves. All of BraveHearts Expeditions’ Projects are selected for their long-term benefits to the host community. Our focus on youth development incorporates health, education, water and sanitation projects and our Community Building and Teaching Projects build basic infrastructure that will benefit whole communities for years.
We work in close partnerships with village chiefs, village development committees and NGOs as well as local, national and international charities to ensure that we gain as much knowledge, expertise and support as possible. We also work together with local government authorities to create income generation and capacity building projects that can aid the economic development of local communities.

4. Responsible Travel: Tourism is a vital industry in many developing countries including Ghana. BraveHearts Expeditions is committed to the ethics of responsible tourism and all of our projects and adventure activities aim to reduce the negative and increase the positive impact of travel on developing countries. We employ local staff to work alongside the expedition team on all of our projects and we source all materials, food and supplies from local sources to contribute as much as possible to the local economy.

5. Environmental Policy

BraveHearts Expeditions Field Base is environmentally friendly. Every day through recycling, energy conservation and by increasingly becoming a paperless office, our commitment to the environment is unparalleled in Africa. Our Responsible Travel approach is and always has been our commitment to operating and travelling in a way that is socio-culturally, environmentally, and economically responsible. BraveHearts Expeditions’ carbon reduction strategy has a three-pronged approach of endeavoring to reduce our carbon emissions wherever possible.

Travelling in project groups we minimize both our environmental and socio-cultural impacts. We use small locally owned accommodation and local transport where possible, thereby minimizing our demand for purpose-built air-conditioned large hotels and chartered transport. Our brochure is also made with paper from sustainable sources and can also be sent to you by email.

6.  Gurantee of Satisfaction                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Satisfaction

You will have the time of your life! All three parts of the BraveHearts Expeditions experience present new ways for you to tackle challenges, use skills you didn’t know you had, see your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses. You will have the chance to meet people from very different backgrounds to you and learn about their outlook on life, which might bring some nice surprises, heightening the senses and introducing you to millions of emotions. This is a chance to go somewhere totally new and different, to places you have never been before. Taste the local food in Accra, smell the rainforest in Kakum, hear tribal drumming in Mole, touch the sky on the northern Escarpment or watch the sunset over the biggest man-made lake in the world!