Our Expedition Projects establish effective and sustainable instruments to improve the health, education, living conditions and the economic status of disadvantaged communities. We have three main Expedition Project phases. The first focuses on community development in the areas of health, sanitation and educational infrastructure development, and provides support for carrying out socio-cultural assessments and designing programs of sub-projects. This also implements sub-projects consisting of improving access to basic education, health, and social services by rehabilitating and upgrading schools and health, youth, cultural, and recreation centers and facilities in poor areas; carrying out programs for revolving school textbooks, computer literacy, and primary health care; improving access to specialized health services to satisfy the needs of vulnerable groups at risk; and developing basic rural infrastructure activities such as community libraries, water and small drainage and irrigation systems.

The second phase focuses on enhancing environmental protection initiatives such as reforestation, species-conservation and natural resource and cultural heritage preservation that achieves income enhancement by providing ecotourism activities to support low-income families in epic locations as well as supporting women, youth, and disabled people to provide them with demand-driven specialized skills that will help them increase income and business opportunities from sustainable environments.

The third and final phase is the adventure phase in which we provide physical, emotional, educational and cultural development opportunities for our interns and volunteers to push themselves beyond the limits of their endurance.

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