What Do I Bring on My Chosen Expedition?

As an Adventurer with BraveHearts Expeditions, you are expected to come with the following important kit which will allow you to have a comfortable expedition. The list is by no means exhaustive, but remember that the heavier your rucksack or backpack, the less chance you would have of enjoying the expedition, and you might also end up delaying your team mates during difficult procedures such as abseiling a cliff face or crossing a rushing river. Items like binoculars may be encouraged but bringing along your entire fashion wardrobe would be most inappropriate. Besides, who would have the time to admire your attire when everyone is sweating up a steep mountain pass? ;-) 

In order to ensure you don’t leave out any important survival item, please use this list as a guide when you are packing. We recommend that you first line up your backpack with a waterproof or plastic bag (a fresh bin liner works just fine) before you start packing. It will almost certainly rain during the expedition.

To Wear Walking

1 Pair walking boots (strong, broken in with ankle support, compulsory)
2 Pair walking socks
1 Tee shirt
1 Outdoor shirt
1 Pair walking trousers (warm; NOT jeans)

Personal Kit (To Carry)

1 Large backpack (not your junior brother’s school bag)
1 Sleeping mat/thick blanket (compulsory)
1 Survival bag (it can be your little sister’s school bag)
1 Personal First Aid Kit (and your regular medications, if any)
1 Watch
1 Whistle (compulsory)
Small quantity of money (optional, especially if you intend walking back home from the drop zone after the expedition)
1 Notebook & pen/pencil (compulsory)
1 Torch & spare batteries (compulsory)
1 Emergency food rations (NOT to be eaten until the end!)
2 Water bottles (e.g. strong plastic, to hold 1 to 2 litres; compulsory)
1 Knife, fork, spoon (to eat with, naturally)
1 Pocket Knife (small)
1 Plate/bowl (compulsory)
1 Mug/cup (no one shares cups and spoons on our expeditions)
1 Box of matches (sealed in a dry container or bag)
1 Wash kit (sponge and soap)
1 Towel (small)
3 Pairs underwear (naturally. We don't want trouble. They should be comfy; not too tight)
2 Pairs walking socks
2 Tee shirts
1 Spare walking pair of trousers (NOT jeans)
1 Pair of trainers/outdoor sandals (optional)
2 Pieces of handkerchiefs
1 Pair of Flip Flops (local name is “charley-wote”)
1 Hat/Cap (compulsory)
1 pair of shorts (if appropriate)
1 tube insect repellent