Nature of Our Expeditions


BraveHearts Expeditions runs international volunteering programmes in Ghana. Many Ghanaian communities are facing extreme poverty and have few basic amenities such as clean water and safe sanitation. As an International Volunteer and Adventurer with BraveHearts Expeditions, you could be living and working amongst these communities to improve health and educational services as well as helping to protect the countries' natural environment.
By getting involved in one of our volunteering projects in Ghana, you could be helping to address some of these issues:

python1. Implementing water projects in 50 communities that will bring clean drinking water to over 3,500 people.
2. Building pre-schools and primary schools to improve the educational opportunities of the youngest members of these communities.
3. Constructing community centres in the Akwapim-Togo-Buem Nature Reserve to provide a focus for communities to work together to develop sustainable livelihoods.
4. Improving over 20 different national parks and protected areas throughout Ghana.
5. Developing the Greatness Trail in the Amedzofe Ranges in order to improve the economic lives of over 2,000 people.
6. Helping to conserve endangered turtles, pythons, primates and antelopes by working in partnership with the Wildlife Society of Ghana.
7. Getting involved in a variety of key projects such as reforestation, researching tree species/growth in tropical forests, building ranger stations, constructing bridges, building trails for ecotourism and conservation efforts and creating ziplines and waterfall biodiversity centres.

Success of Our Expeditions

We believe the success of our expeditions is due to three key factors:
(1) Our expeditions provide transformational journeys for people who join from all walks of life, including young people from the host country.
(2) Our community and environmental projects are based on long-term partnerships with conservation partners to make sure the work done by our Adventurers and Facilitators really makes a difference.
(3) Our expeditions are carried out to the highest safety standards with full-time staff based in our countries.

 Our Major Expeditions

If you are between the ages of
17-25, you can sign on to our expeditions as an International Adventurer during your gap year as an alternative to travelling alone or backpacking. If you are a Host Country Adventurer awaiting High School final exams results, you can also apply.

People who are 26 years and above can also sign onto our expeditions as Project Facilitators or Project Managers whilst on a career break, enjoying retirement, on vacation, simply looking for worthwhile excitement or in need of a working environment with young people.

Our International Adventurers and Facilitators or Managers can choose from our exquisite repertoire of unique expeditions. We have the following expeditions available throughout the year:

v  10-and-a-Half-Week Expeditions

v  7-Week Expeditions

v  5-Week Expeditions

v  3-and-a-Half-Week Expeditions

International Expeditions Calendar 2012 & 2013

Our 2012 and 2013 Expedition Calendar will be posted here in a few days.