Our Expedition Experience

BraveHearts Expeditions has always endeavoured to be at the forefront of safety and development of systems and procedures for international-standard expeditions. We are a 'learning organization' that adapts quickly and effectively to new challenges, new practices and lessons learned, from one expedition to the next. We are well established with permanent teams in Ghana. This means that we are able to consult with Ghana’s Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Defense regularly and that we have good relationships with the Forestry Commission and the Wildlife Department as well as Government ministries, departments and agencies in the country who will give us early warning of any potential problems. Local medical services, emergency services and the military are ever on hand to help if needed.

Experienced In-country Staff and Project Management Team 

facilitatorsWe have dedicated, full time staff employed in the expedition country who plan and run our expeditions. They are all highly experienced, committed and resourceful expedition managers who have been selected and trained to ensure they uphold our high standards whilst providing the experience of a life time to all those that come overseas to us. Every one of our expeditions has a dedicated Field Base support team of project Facilitators and Managers who undertake essential support roles. There is a minimum of two project Facilitators and Managers with each project group; all of whom will be first aid qualified. Amongst these will be a number of qualified doctors and nurses working in volunteer manager roles. Where possible we recruit professional managers who have technical or recognized international governing body qualifications to run adventurous activities, such as trekking.

Safety training 

abseilBefore each expedition we provide preparation training in Ghana for all expedition participants. In addition, we recommend that individuals undertake additional personal preparation by attending training with specialist providers who understand the challenges of overseas expeditions. All our expedition country Managers and Adventurers undertake health and safety training so that they are prepared to deploy onto their projects. This includes further first aid, safety briefings, risk assessment, casualty evacuation planning, training in the correct and safe use of tools, camping and safety equipment, including communications equipment.

Child Protection and Safeguarding

BraveHearts Expeditions is committed to ensuring the health, safety, welfare and development of all young people with whom it works regardless of gender, age, stage of development, disability, sexual orientation, religion, culture or ethnicity. All participants who take part in activities organized by BraveHearts Expeditions should enjoy taking part in these without fear of harm. We guide all Staff and Adventurers to show respect for and understanding of young people's rights and their safety and welfare and by so doing, conduct themselves in a way that reflects our principles.

Risk assessment and casualty evacuation

Before every expedition we carry out a full risk assessment of the whole expedition and each project site. Our Project Facilitators and Managers also do their own risk assessment when they arrive. This encourages a vigilant attitude towards safety within the group. As well as this we have comprehensive emergency and evacuation plans in place for every project site, and our Project Facilitators and Managers visit and assess local medical facilities. If any individual has to return home we also have services in place to assist in this regard.

Safety equipment 

We provide all the required safety equipment for each individual project’s needs, such as buoyancy aids, helmets, protective goggles, GPS receivers and communications equipment.

 Safety communications 

On every expedition we have a three tier network of communications so that Field Base and the project groups can regularly communicate with each other. Field Base in Accra is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in case of emergencies on each expedition and from home.


We provide comprehensive medical and personal accident insurance cover for all participants, offering the highest level of medical care and a repatriation service home, should this become necessary. If you have any questions on safety please contact the International Operations Manager, on +233 302 950090 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.