Our Expedition Costs

cultureYou can volunteer as an Intern or International Adventurer (25 years or younger) or as a Project Manager or Facilitator (26+ with specialized skills such as doctor, nurse, construction engineer, wildlife expert, biologist, photographer, artist, graphic designer, etc.). Project Managers and Facilitators arrive 3 days before the rest of the Expedition Team, and leave 2 days after the end of the Expedition.

We recognize that not everyone's personal situation is the same, so we work hard to be able to offer young people cheaper expedition alternatives, hence the various lengths of expedition services designed. There is an expedition to suit every international pocket and the standard of living of host countries as well. 

For our Project Managers and Facilitators, as well as for our International Adventurer Volunteers, the following are the prices for our various categories of expeditions based on duration:



PM & F


Duration of Expedition



3-and-a-half weeks



5 weeks



7 weeks



10-and-a-half weeks



12 weeks



15 weeks



18 weeks



21 weeks



6 months



9 months



12 months




All prices guarantee both our Project Managers and International Adventurers the following benefits: 

  1. Support before and when you are here
  2. Pick-up from the Airport
  3. Project House Accommodation
  4. Expedition and Project Training & Preparedness
  5. Accra City Tour (one event)
  6. Specialist/project equipment (food, water, clothes, books, etc. for orphanages)
  7. Transportation to and from Projects sites
  8. Accident Insurance on Projects
  9. Cape Coast & Elmina Castle Tour
  10. Ranger & Jungle Uniforms
  11. T-shirts and Expedition paraphernalia
  12. Reports & Certificates
  13. Filmed Expedition DVDs and Magazines
  14. Drop-off at the Airport
  15. Krokrobite Beach Trip (one event)
  16. Food and drinking water (for duration of stay)
  17. Emergency Medical Care

The price does not include visas, flights, immunizations and vaccinations, personal and medical insurance (except conditions developed from accidents, etc., as a result of our projects)

Depending on your nationality you may need to apply for a visa before you go. European and North American citizens are required to apply for a visa for the expeditions to Ghana. You’ll be contacted by our International Operations Manager with more information on Ghanaian visas.

You will need to make your own flight arrangements. Our International Operations Manager will contact you with information on our recommend flights for your expedition.

As soon as you're signed up to your BraveHearts Expeditions experience, you will receive a list of compulsory vaccinations for Ghana. Once you've had your vaccinations you'll need to complete and return the form to our Medical Coordinator before you can join an expedition. Please ask your doctor about anti-malarial medication.

Kit list
You will also receive a full list of the necessary kit. Costs can vary hugely from $200 to $800 and we encourage Adventurers and Project Facilitators to reuse as much as possible.

You will be responsible for booking and paying for your own flight to Ghana. However, we will provide you with details of recommended flights to and from your country. You don't have to travel on the recommended flights but if you do, our expedition country staff will be at the airport in Accra to welcome you off your flight and into Field Base. There may be other BraveHearts Expeditions participants travelling on these recommended flights so you may not be travelling alone.

If you travel on a different flight we’ll help you to make sure that you arrive in time to meet the estimated time of arrival of the recommended flight in the expedition country. This is where/when our in-country staff will meet everyone and the adventure will begin! You will also need to ensure that your flight home departs no earlier than the recommended flight’s departure time as we cannot guarantee that we will get to the airport in time for an earlier flight.

Please be aware that the cost of flights all over the world has recently increased due to a dramatic rise in flight tax. This will affect the price of flights to Ghana. We strongly recommend researching the price of flights so that you understand your total financial commitment. Please book your flights as soon as possible as they are often cheaper if you purchase them well in advance.

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