Expedition Training and Support

So, your place on expedition has been confirmed. What's next? Where ever you are in the world, we're on hand to give you training and ongoing support before you come.


Pre Expedition Training (PETE)
You will be invited to a pre-expedition training event (PETE) which is a one day event where you'll be able to meet other Adventurers and Project Facilitators and Managers coming on expedition. You'll learn about what life is like on expedition and how to make the most of your time here. Plus, you'll receive medical, kit and fundraising advice as well as your BraveHearts Expeditions T-shirts. PETEs take place all year round, at several locations in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, as well as Canada and the United States of America. Dates and actual locations will be communicated to successful participants.

What if I don't live in any of these countries?
For those who are unable to attend in any of these countries, all necessary training materials can be sent out electronically. Please contact your support coordinator at BraveHearts Expeditions for latest dates and availability. You can attend as far in advance of your expedition as you wish. If you are based in Ghana and some other African country, you will also have the opportunity to take part in training prior to the expedition. The Host Country Operations Manager will let you know what training is available to you.


Getting involved
As soon as the initial payments are received, you'll receive a welcome pack including a photographic ID card and welcome brochure. The welcome brochure has information on, general health, vaccinations and kit list for your chosen country and details about our travel and medical insurance.

Getting flights
We have recommended flights for each expedition. These are not compulsory, but you'll need to meet its arrival to join your expedition team on the specified date and time.

Getting to know other Adventurers and Facilitators
It's a good idea to get to know the other participants coming on your expedition. You can do this by joining our BraveHearts Expeditions Adventurers group on facebook and meet people around the world keen to share their knowledge and BraveHearts Expeditions experiences.  You can also join your expedition's Facebook group to chat about all things BraveHearts Expeditions with other Adventurers who will be out there in the field with you.
Safety is at the heart of everything we do. Our expeditions are challenging, so to minimize the risks we focus on preventing accidents. But accidents can still occasionally happen. Our Safety Management Systems are robust, practical, effective and reflective of our in-depth expedition experience in Africa’s remotest and most challenging environments.