7 Reasons to Join Our Expeditions

BraveHearts Expeditions
will help you develop all the soft life skills that are extremely useful for you to compete favourably in your personal and professional life. Whether applying for further education, training or employment, you’ll be happy to discover that the transferable skills and competencies learnt from our expeditions will be the things that will set you apart in ways academic and hard skills alone cannot.


On expedition, we run a day leader system to help everyone develop their leadership skills. Each Adventurer gets the chance to be the day leader, and when your turn comes up, it will be your responsibility to delegate all the tasks and to manage your expedition team’s decisions. Your Project Manager and Facilitator as well as the rest of your team will give you feedback on your leadership skills at the end of the day. This will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. Throughout the expedition, you will have the opportunity to improve each leadership skill hiding beneath your skin.

Team Work

On each phase of the expedition, you’ll be working in diverse groups who all have different motivations, work ethics, attitudes, cultures and life experiences. You will be able to listen to each other, understand each others’ strengths and weaknesses, allocate roles, overcome conflict and motivate each other to achieve project goals.


You will be living and working with local co
mmunities in Ghana in a group with participants from all around the world. Your communication skills will be tested whilst communicating with your project groups and you may also have the opportunity to do some temperament testing and challenging High School students to academic excellence

Cultural Awareness

BraveHearts Expeditions works with some of the poorest communities in Ghana. Becoming an Adventurer on our sustainable expedition projects offers a unique cultural exchange which you’ll rarely achieve if you travelled independently. You'll be either living in tents or in community centres within the villages so you will be able to integrate into the life of the community, share customs, activities and stories. In your project groups you’ll also be interacting on a daily basis with young people from the host country and other international Adventurers and this will give you further opportunities for developing your global awareness.

Mental Resilience

Your physical and mental strength will be tested to the limit on our expeditions. Equipment may not turn up in time, bad weather may stop work for days or there may be conflicts in the group that you need to resolve. Because you will be working on real projects in an intense environment, you’ll learn a lot about how to solve such problems, how to cope under pressure and how to adapt to different situations and people. For years to come in your personal and work life, you will look back to facing the challenges of an extremely tough day on the adventure phase of our expeditions, and realize your own abilities to face every challenge in a most profound way.

Confidence and Self-awareness

Making new friends, participating in new activities and achieving your personal and project goals on our expeditions will greatly improve your self confidence. You’ll be with each other 24 hours, 7 days of the week on expedition so it’s an intense environment where you’ll learn so much about yourself as a person. You’ll learn what your boundaries are, how to cope under pressure, how to solve problems, how to live without the home comforts you so take for granted, how to adapt to different cultures and where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

Health and Well-being

BraveHearts Expeditions provides Adventurers the unique opportunity to get rid of vices that are destructive to their health. Our Alcohol-free, Drugs-free, Vice-free expedition policy provides all the spiritual, mental and psychological support required to assist young people and everyone else who is really desirous to quit drinking, smoking and abusing drugs. Alcohol is banned on our expeditions as is cigarettes and drugs. In spite of this really tough and uncompromising policy, our counselors offer all the kind support and training programmes for everyone who simply wants to say NO to drugs of whatever shade, colour and brand. In addition, lifestyle alternatives are offered on our expeditions so our Adventurers can ascribe to the highest moral, spiritual and physical ideals. No matter the level of your addiction, we offer the health programmes on expedition that can give you the powerful tools required to quit smoking and stop your substance abuse once and for all.