Karen Selasi Kpodo, EXP: Memories of My First Expedition

My first mountain expedition was not an easy one. It took place near Akosombo in the Eastern Region and was supposed to be the easiest location among the many other expedition locations for BraveHearts Expeditions adventures.

The 3-day adventure started with a night hike. As we trudged through the dark forest, I had all sorts of wild imaginations running through my head. I couldn’t help thinking a wild animal or snake was going to jump out any moment and gobble us up.

The whole adventure occurred in a lacustrine area, interspersed with steep hills and forested terrain. The first lap was difficult for me since we had to go over a few hills. My heart beat so hard and so fast that I had to call for frequent breaks, take deep breathes and lots of water to finally survive it. I was drenched in sweat the entire time and on several occasions wondered what I had gotten myself into.

The second and third days were not so difficult. I knew I had to stay hydrated for any trek and so I took lots of water. Then, I just had to deal with sore and bruised joints that were not accustomed to such strenuous activity.

As a first-time Adventurer, my expectations were that the food and living conditions on an expedition would be unbearable but that was not the case. The food tasted like home cooked dishes with all the nutrients needed in their right proportions. There is nothing more beautiful than sitting around a camp fire cooking and eating with friends, and bathing in a lake as its rippling surface reflects the moon light.

I must say that there is no better place to be than in the Ghanaian jungle. There is nothing like pollution, mosquitos and all the hassle that comes with living in an urban environment. In there, you depend on and appreciate nature for what it is. You take and give back to it constantly in many ways.

The lesson I learnt the most is that no BraveHearts Expeditions adventure is a walk in the park, and to enjoy it to the fullest, you need to exercise and keep in shape. I have survived 3 expeditions so far. Each new one has been more challenging than the last, and I have been amazed at how easy I have adapted to the routines of jungle survival in a relatively short time. My perception about the jungle has changed. I now see and appreciate the beauty, nature, solicitude, and hidden treasures the jungle has to offer, awakening in me a hunger to protect our great outdoors.