Our Team

JayJay D. Segbefia; General Partner & Expedition Leader

'JayJay' is the General Partner of BraveHearts Expeditions and doubles as the firm’s Expedition Leader on Experiential Leadership, Outdoor Learning, Corporate Team-Building and Adventure Expedition programmes. In the first year of the firm’s registration, he led out on a business competition drive that won the 2013 Ghana StartUp Cup Business Model Competition. He was personally honoured with the Ghana Angel Investor Network’s coveted Most Promising Entrepreneur 2013 Award. The firm placed second in the subsequent World StartUp Cup Business Model Competition hosted in Armenia to a Pakistani company, and compensated with winning the Enablis Business Launchpad Competition in 2014.

ayJay is a Mandela Washington Fellow of the US Government’s Young African Leaders Initiative. The Mandela Washington Fellowship embodied President Obama’s commitment to invest in the future of Africa.  The first class of Mandela Washington Fellows arrived in the US in June 2014 for six weeks of intensive executive leadership training, networking, and skills building, followed by a Presidential Summit in Washington, DC.  Through this initiative, he and other young African business leaders gained the skills and connections they needed to accelerate their own career trajectories and contribute more robustly to spurring economic growth, and enhancing peace and security in Africa. 

JayJay trained as a journalist at the Ghana Institute of Journalism and acquired his business management education from non-degree Fellowships run by Dartmouth College and Ohio University, all in the United States. He is currently pursuing postgraduate education in International Business at the University of Ghana Business School.  Before founding BraveHearts Expeditions, he worked as Public Relations Officer of the Kings University College in Accra and briefly as Junior Communications Adviser to the African Cashew initiative (ACi) of GIZ, Germany’s leading provider of international cooperation.

JayJay holds the rank of Expedition Navigator, and has worked as a naturalist, outdoor educator, mountain guide and adventure sports instructor since 1999. His expedition leadership experience exceeds 500 individual adventure expedition operations and programmes in jungle, mountain, ice, coastal, lacustrine, desert, and alpine terrain across 4 continents, including 16 successful assaults of Mount Kilimanjaro. Through his unparalleled adventure leadership, BraveHearts Expeditions is the first indigenous company to introduce commercial abseiling and kayaking into Ghana’s adventure tourism sector.

JayJay lives in Accra when he isn’t leading an expedition or running debriefs for corporate adventure programmes.

Nana Adjoa D. Darko; Partner, Corporate Leadership

Nana Adjoa Darko employs her new role to introducing more and more female business leaders to the enormous benefit of outdoor teambuilding, after years of handling internal business communications as well as building external relations to BraveHearts Expeditions.

Nana joined BraveHearts Expeditions at its start-up stage in 2012 and has since taken on many challenging roles, including competing alongside the Expedition Leader in the World StartUp Cup Business Model Competition in Armenia, January 2014, and leading BraveHearts Expeditions'participation in the ENGINE's drive to enhance growth in new and emerging enterprises.

Before her rise to the position of Deputy Expedition Leader, Nana was Head of Corporate Relations. She turned around BraveHearts Expeditions'corporate policies and grew our multinational clients and revenues to include high profile companies such as Glaxosmithkline, Maggi and Aquafresh. 

Nana's experience includes business-to-business strategy, sales and new business development and strategic business planning. In her new role she hopes to empower and involve more corporate institutions in our Corporate Outdoor Leadership Expeditions programme and increase the long-term sustainability of their businesses by providing them with innovative leadership training and world class service.

Nana Adjoa has earned the rank of Expedition Guide, and is the first West African female to rise to that prestigious rank. She has participated in more than 50 high-grade African expeditions and led ten full-scale international mountaineering expeditions in the Togolese highlands on the escarpments along Ghana's eastern edge. She facilitated the staging of the Lucozade Icarus Challenge II Wilderness Survival Expedition in the Kwahu Mountain Ranges in April 2011 and has since endeared herself to expedition clients by her impeccable client services skills and hands-on approaches to client comfort.


Karen Selasi Kpodo, RN; Junior Manager, Administration

Karen has strong organizational, communication and public speaking skills. Since she joined in January 2015, she has put in place amazing tools that ensure the smooth administrative functioning of the Expedition Leader and Field Base Staff.

Karen’s duties are not tied in to Field Base only, however. She has assisted the Expedition Leader in over 30 successful expeditions across the country. Due to various leadership positions she held in the past, she has strong leadership and consensus building skills which successfully enable her to hold the fort in the absence of the Expedition Leader or the Client Services Manager.

Karen holds the rank of Expedition Ranger and clearly communicates the mission of BraveHearts Expeditions to create economic opportunities from Ghana’s great outdoors by providing exciting, world class adventure tourism, adventure sports and experiential learning services.

Her warm, friendly, and ready-to-learn attitude creates a positive environment where two – way communication and trust thrives. Her focus on team work and clients services models BraveHearts Expeditions’ communication policies.

Gregg Fairbrothers, Chairman

Mr. Gregg Fairbrothers brings to BraveHearts Expeditions more than 22 years’ business experience in almost all operational and investment-related aspects of the upstream oil and gas industry, including exploration, exploitation, production, marketing, acquisitions and divestment, joint ventures, and corporate finance through banks, multi-lateral institutions, limited partnerships and public markets (including IPOs and unsolicited purchases). 

Mr. Fairbrothers is the founding director of the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network and an adjunct professor of Business Administration at the Tuck School of business at Dartmouth College.  Prior to returning to the New Hampshire Upper Valley area of the United States in 1999, he was President and founder of a mid-sized international oil and gas producer, Samson International, Ltd (SIL), as well as president of Samson Resources, Inc., and a director of the companies’ parent holding company, Samson Investment Company. 

Within Samson International, between 1987 and 2000 Mr. Fairbrothers managed, founded and built exploration and production companies on three continents. The International companies had operations in Venezuela, Canada and Russia, a combined staff of over 150 employees, and annual revenue exceeding $US 100 million. 

Mr. Fairbrothers came to the Samson companies in 1980 from Texaco, Inc., and held a variety of management positions in exploration, production, and acquisitions.  From 1998 Mr. Fairbrothers was President of Samson Resources Company, the US subsidiary of the Samson Companies, which operated in all the major producing areas of the US. Samson Resources grew from a company of fewer than 100 employees in 1980 to a maximum employment of over 1,000 during that period. 

Upon leaving Samson in 2000, Mr. Fairbrothers became involved in a number of startup initiatives, some in cooperation with faculty of the Tuck School.  Out of that activity grew the proposal that became the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network a department within the Office of the Provost at Dartmouth College which supports entrepreneurial initiatives and facilitates integrated efforts toward entrepreneurship education and commercial implementation.  In 2004 he founded the Dartmouth Regional Technology Center (DRTC), Inc. a free-standing New Hampshire non-profit corporation which operates a 55,000 sq. ft. technology incubator facility developing technology-based innovations with the potential for significant social impact.  Mr. Fairbrothers continues to serve as director of the DEN program and on the board of Trustees of the Center, and in addition, as a professor of business administration at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business, he teaches three courses in entrepreneurship at the Tuck School and a fourth at Dartmouth's Geisel School of Medicine. 

Mr. Fairbrothers graduated Dartmouth magna cum laude in 1975 with a B.A. in Earth Sciences (high distinction). He also earned an M.S. degree from Rutgers University in Geology in 1977, and an MBA from the University of Tulsa in 1983.

Brian F. Kunz, Senior Advisor - Outdoor Leadership & Experiential Education

Mr. Brian Kunz is a skilled and experienced educator and administrator with forty years of experience working in the field of experiential education, primarily with university outdoor programs and Outward Bound schools.  He has extensive experience lecturing and providing practical sessions on experiential learning internationally, and brings the same level of international expertise to BraveHearts Expeditions.  

Brian has designed and delivered experiential learning programs for Dartmouth College's Tuck School of Business since 1987.  In addition, Brian designs and delivers the outdoor learning component of the Tuck Bridge Program, the Tuck MBA First Year Orientation, the Dartmouth Medical School First Year Orientation, and oversees the undergraduate outdoor orientation program for over a thousand new students at Dartmouth. 

Brian introduced adventure education to Russia during a two month lecture series at Moscow State University in 1990. Subsequently he helped foster the growth of adventure education in the Moscow Region, in the Mari El Republic, in the Black Sea area and in the Altai Region of Siberia.  

Brian provides management training sessions for corporations including Lucent Technologies, Hewlett Packard, the Bank of America and the Dartmouth Medical Center. 

Brian started his career in outdoor education with the Boston University's SURGE program in the early 70's and then worked for Outward Bound Schools in North America, Great Britain and Germany for ten years before moving to Dartmouth in 1984. 

Brian has skied the length of Norway and was the first American to complete the Euroloppet ski series in 1976.  He is a mountain guide who has climbed the Matterhorn, spent 36 days on Denali and climbed to the 23-thousand-foot Pik Kommunisma in Tajikistan.  He is also an avid canoe tripper and whitewater kayak instructor.  

Brian lives in the New England area of the United States on a property on which he built a log sauna from logs he harvested on his property in Norwich, using Swedish scribe technique.