Mission and Objectives

Our Vision is to create a Ghanaian global community of inspired and inspiring business people and young leaders committed to working together regardless of age, social status, culture and nationality, towards building strong business communities and changing Ghana, one expedition at a time.

Our Mission is to inspire people to make a positive difference throughout their lives by exposing them to experiential learning expeditions, challenging programmes of practical, team-based adventures and sustainable environmental projects to conserve life in the Ghanaian outdoors.

Our Mission Statement: We work to create a sustainable and profitable Outdoor Adventure culture in Ghana and West Africa by being the market leader in experiential learning expeditions for people from all walks of life and being the leader of Adventure Sports in Africa.

Our Expedition Objectives are (1) To advance profitable education and global citizenship, (2) To provide economic incentives to rural communities to prevent biodiversity loss and ecosystem decline, (3) To advance environmental protection and sustainable community development, and (4) To harness African tourism profitability for sustainable development.

These objectives are achieved through our expedition adventures carried out in Ghana and on the African continent for the purposes of providing experiential learning and personal development through adventure, challenge, and through community, environmental, and development projects.