Shai Hills Biking Adventures

Every weekday is biking day at the Shai Hills Resource Reserve. No other location beats the backdrop of hills, troupes of baboons, several species of antelopes and well-marked trails... 

No one offers a weekday biking adventure in wide, open spaces; over abseilable outcrops, and through herds of Antelope and troops of Baboons like we do.

No one provides for you a brand new bike, food, water, West Africa's leading biking Guides, and the thrill of adrenaline all in one working day like we will.

The Shai Hills Resource Reserve is the centre of our weekday biking and abseiling adventures. For just 300-GHC, we will equip you with ultra-modern mountain bikes, helmets, riding shorts and short-wave radio equipment to survive the six-hour amazing biking exploration adventure of the beautiful Shai Hills Resource Reserve.

When we pick you up from the Accra Mall, we will drive you to the Shai Hills Reserve one hour away, and provide your lunch, water, drinks and all the equipment needed to survive the daily biking & abseil adventure at the Park. We also run biking tours for clients already at the entrance when they call.

The 26km exploration adventure will lead you to explore caves that house troops of baboons, and trails that lead to herds of antelope and a pen of ostriches. Then there will be the opportunity to abseil off the Mogo Rock.

All this for just 300-GHC.

Call 030-274-7428 to reserve a ticket now or pay up your reservation on our online portal or send us an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule your adventure now.

See you soon!