Poseidon III Kayaking Expedition

The third edition of the historic foray into Poseidon's depths occurs October 27-29, 2017 on Survival Island, Lake Volta.

Strapped in world class kayaking equipment, you and 60 modern day Adventurers will explore the vast expanse of Lake Volta’s Gorge, the world's largest man-made lake. You will sleep in canvas tents on the pristine Survival Island, eat food cooked over campfires, paddle and travel on the Lake and abseil off a waterfall cliff in this three-day adventure that is guaranteed to take your breath away.

A ticket costs 500-GHC and covers for transport, food, water, guiding services, and kayaking & camping gear. You are also expected to present with your personal kit (a 20-litre backpack, outdoor hiking sandals, a cap or hat, 2 water bottles, 3 sets of outdoor clothing - including a t-shirt and shorts, one thick blanket, one cover cloth or sleeping bag, wash kit, toiletries, 1 plate or bowl for meals, insect repellent, etc.)

We will depart at 12.00 GMT from the Accra Mall, and drive to Survival Beach on Lake Volta, where we will spend the night in outdoor tents. We will then learn everything we need to know about kayaking, and then set off to Survival Island for the adventure you will never forget.

Call 030-274-7428 to book now or get on our payment portal for a ticket.