Poseidon VI Kayaking Expedition

The 6th adventure edition of the Poseidon Kayaking Expedition comes off on AU Weekend, May 25-27.

Let's invade the secretive forests of the Anum jungle, abseil off its waterfall cliffs into world-class kayaks, strap on the best safety equipment known to the outdoors and take on the 7.6km foray into Poseidon's depths on Lake Volta on this three-day AU Weekend kayaking adventure - The Poseidon Kayaking VI Expedition.

Day 2 will involve living and learning about outdoor leadership and jungle survival on Survival Island, the most challenging of all the islands in the Gorge of the world's largest man-made lake. We'll explore the Ait of Rocks and engage Lake Volta in a relaxing nature study as well. 

A 3.6km foray will mark the end of the three-day expedition after we grill all our tilapia and show the waves that we're made of greater stuff than we look.

A ticket costs ¢587.50 and takes care of transport, food, water, tents, all camping gear and use of kayaking equipment, plus applicable taxes. 

The expedition leaves the Accra Mall at 10.00 on May 25, and returns at 15.00 on May 27.

Call 020-454-8040 or 020-454-8041 to get a ticket.