Let's Go Kayaking!

Abseiling at Shai Hills

Lake Volta is the world's largest man-made lake, and from our amazing Survival Island base camp in the Akosombo Gorge, we are thrilled to invite you to join us on a day or weekend kayaking adventure like you have never experienced before. It doesn't matter that you can't swim. We provide all the safety gear and equipment to ensure that your first kayaking adventure leaves cherishable memories for all time!

Our Day-Out Corporate Kayaking adventures take you and your team of employees or colleagues on a drive from your corporate offices to Survival Beach, near Asikuma in Ghana's Eastern Region. This is where we strap you into world-class kayaking equipment and instruct you in basic paddling techniques. This is followed immediately after by a 2.8km kayaking foray to Survival Island, the centre of our outdoor leadership, teamwork, tolerance for uncertainty and adversity, risk assessment and environmental ethics lessons. Everything we do on Survival Island is practical, and the jungle will give immediate, tangible feedback on how you will be performing as a unified group.

After lunch, your team will engage Lake Volta on a kayak capsize and recovery exercise that prepares you to take on open water and boisterous waves before your team pits their strength on the Poseidon stretch to Camp Labolabo.

Our weekend kayaking adventures drive you from the Accra Mall to Survival Beach, where you will spend your first night with other kayaking adventurers in canvas tents and around camp fires. The next day's activities are similar to our corporate kayaking adventures as described above, except you will live and eat food cooked over camp fires on Survival Island, catch your own fish, lead your tribe on survival tasks that are designed to blow your mind, invade Discovery Island and assault the hill of Olympus that will end in a waterfall abseil off Discovery Rock.

Kayaking next to Discovery WaterfallAt night, you will swap stories with your tribe mates, do bird watching when the season is right for it, and have the time of your life. But our kayaking adventures are no holidays, and we will take you out of your comfort zone, help you experience new things, see new parts of Ghana you would otherwise never see, and really challenge yourself.

What do you need to bring along on your kayaking adventure? One-day corporate kayaking adventurers need good outdoor walking sandals, a 20-liter backpack, a cap or hat, 2 one-litre water bottles, torch light and spare batteries. Weekend kayaking adventurers, in addition to the list above for one-day kayaking also need 
3 sets of outdoor clothing (should include t-shirts and shorts - be prepared to get soaked with water), one thick blanket or sleeping mat, one cover cloth or sleeping bag, wash kit, toiletries, a bowl or plate for meals, a small packet of matchsticks, sun cream, and a tube of insect repellent.

Call us on 030-274-7428 or 020-454-8040, or make your booking payment for your kayaking adventure here.