Join A Cross-Country Safari!

Hippo-Safari on White Volta

We can take you out on a Cross-Country Ghana Safari and bring you back in time to catch your flight! You can enjoy our elephant-chasing, monkey-hugging and crocodile-selfie adventures in 72 hours! Our Cross-Country Safari experts take the guesswork out of planning your journey, while putting the fun into finding out where you want to go and what you want to see. Our advice is based on first-hand experience; our recommendations are tried-and-tested. Trust us to tailor-make a flawless itinerary for you.

Ghana is a dream destination for travellers. It offers everything from thrilling action-adventure to sheer, indulgent opulence. Our Cross-Country Safaris are 3- to 5-day intense adventures that start from Accra. Our robust, mile-eating ranges of vehicles take you to the Nzulezu Stilt Village where you paddle on the coke-coloured Lake, Amanzure. From there, the team hits the road again for the 7-hour journey to Kumasi, the capital of the flourishing Asante Kingdom, where the rich cultural history of this warrior-like people comes alive in their museums and markets.

Day 2 usually begins with a visit to the Boabeng-Fiema Monkey sanctuary where you get to touch and cuddle Mona and Black-and-White Collobus monkeys. There’s the long trip to the Wechiau Hippo sanctuary afterwards. It's some two hours of paddling on the Black Volta in pursuit of the hippos who are happy to have us stare at them so long as we don't get too close to the young hippos. Mama hippos hate that. The night is spent with the elephants at the Mole National Park.

Day 3 starts with a foot safari in Mole observing the many arrays of wildlife present in the Park. The safari usually ends in the Mole National Park on an elephant-chasing spree (although the reverse is often the case when nosy photographers and elephant-lovers get too close). Breakfast and a swim are available right afterwards before the 10-12 hour drive back to Accra.

Clients who choose the five-day option get to visit Tamale and the Paga Crocodile pond as part of their itinerary.

The following are included in the price of our Cross-Country Safari adventures:
1. Moderate Hotel accommodations for the duration of the trip.
2. A robust, fueled Cross-Country vehicle, stationed with the Safari team for the entire trip.
3. Site fees and tour costs in destinations.
4. Food, water and non-alcoholic drinks.
5. Services of a Cross-Country Guide.

Send us a mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book your Safari, or call 030-274-7428!