School Expeditions? You Got It!

Sign your school up to our awesome Outdoor Learning Expeditions, and change the face of leadership and community engagement for your students in ways that are guaranteed to give you both much, much more in return.

Students will sleep in canvas tents with in-built mosquito nets, and eat food cooked over camp fires. They will hack their way through jungle thickets, wade through knee-high rivers and scramble over boulders. They will be without urban comforts and learn to appreciate everything they have back home. The moonlight and the gaze of the eternal stars will be their companions at night, while crickets and bullfrogs as big as dinner plates sing to them in a chorus of jungle songs.

But a BraveHearts Expeditions school adventure is no holiday. Class is held every day. We believe leadership is not a trait one is born with, but a skill that can be learned, and we develop positive, ethical leaders on our expeditions who can go out and change the world.

Leadership is taught in and by wild spaces. Living in the Ghanaian outdoors teaches responsibility, not only for students' waste and consumption, but also for their actions. Nature provides real and immediate feedback on decisions like packing their rain jacket at the bottom of their backpack or failing to communicate about a route to their team.

Our Outdoor Leadership & Experiential Education curricula teaches students how to thrive in varied and challenging environments in Ghana, and we know these skills are transferable to all other environments, including the boardroom and classroom. Research studies substantiate that, beyond outdoor and survival skills, our expedition graduates gain critical life skills including effective handling of difficult circumstances, teamwork, leadership, strategic planning, and effective and inclusive communication.

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