Become A Biking Explorer

A Biking Explorer enjoys the freedom and adrenaline rush that comes from strapping on a backpack and a helmet, jumping onto our rugged mountain bikes and experiencing the thrill of the vast open plains of the Shai Reserve and the Kwahu Mountain Ranges.

Our Biking Expeditions are three-day adventures away from major towns and urban areas. You and the rest of the biking team will deploy from the Accra Mall Bus Stop at 5:00 PM on Friday to the Shai Hills Reserve where you all will spend the first night setting up your tents and cooking dinner over camp fires.

Day 2 - Saturday - begins with special classes in mapwork, navigation, mental, physical and spiritual development and breakfast. After the Expedition Leader's briefing, you will deploy on a journey of discovery through the park, riding in-between troops of baboons and herds of antelope. There will also be rocks to rappel off on and beautiful things to see. You will cover a minimum of 11 km on your day's adventure.

Day 3 - Sunday - starts with an abseil on Shai Hills's highest peak. You and the Biking Explorer team will then bike through the unchartered and often unseen parts of the Shai Plains in mind-blowing exhilaration as you cover another 12 km along the N1 Routeway of the Park to see the Ostriches and return to the starting point. You should be back in Accra before 5:00 PM.

Easter and Fall Biking Expeditions in the Kwahu Mountain Ranges are a bit more challenging, and involve minimum distances of 20 km a day. The Kwahu trails are rugged, punishing and wild, interspersed here and there with half-wild Fulani cattle with long, majestic horns. But it serves as our most thrilling biking location yet, and has no end to how much you can push yourself to truly discover the beauty of the mountain wilderness.

Our Facebook page has details of the next Biking Adventure. The costs of our Biking Expeditions cover for the following:

1. Transportation from and to Accra.
2. Food
3. Water
4. Tents
5. Bikes and helmets (for the duration of the trip)
6. Abseil equipment
7. Camping gear
8. 9. Park & Guiding fees
9. FUN!

There are only 18 slots available each time so hurry and register. 030-274-7428 or 020-454-8040 now for your ticket and a price quote.